1- Zalema

The zalema grape is a variety of white grape that has its origins in Spain, in the County of Huelva .

It is the variety most planted in this area. Normally, it is characterized by low vines, glass-shaped conduits and planting densities of around 2500 vines per hectare.

2- Synonyms

As it is a grape variety located in an area, it does not have many synonyms. It is known by its original name and by Zalemo.

3- Characteristics of the Zalema grape:


The bunches of the zalema grape are medium in size tending to large.

Very uniform and compact.

Conical, winged, with a very short peduncle.


Medium size, circular section and flattened spherical profile.

Thick and hard skins, yellowish-green in color.

Pulp not colored, soft and juicy with little aromaticity and slightly bitter.


Very vigorous, with a bearing that tends to lie down.

Mid-season flare and late maturation.

4- Characteristics of zalema grape strains

The main characteristics of this variety are the following:

– Cultivar very resistant to drought, well adapted to poor soils.

– Sensitive to brotitis.

– Sensitive to mildew.

– Not very sensitive to powdery mildew.

5- Characteristics of zalema wines

The wines from this variety are wines that:

– Very pale, acid, bitter and easily oxidizable must.

– Capable of producing very pale white wines with little acidity, light and low alcohol content.

– The zalema grape is suitable for the production of young and generous wines.

– It is difficult to elaborate, with a tendency to rapid oxidation, and produces slightly neutral light wines. Present in Huelva (95%) and Seville.

– It is the most abundant variety in the DO Condado de Huelva.

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