To corroborate whether we are dealing with a real wine expert, there are various techniques. Among them are the typical questions, such as asking what a wine cellar is and its main functions, or putting on the table the concepts “young wine”, “crianza reserva”, and “gran crianza”.

Do you know what these types of wine are? If not, don’t worry, because we are going to explain it to you below. Take notes and become a wine sommelier!

Why are young wines characterized?

A wine, in addition to being calm, as we explained in a previous article , can be young. This implies that a wine has been bottled just after its alcoholic fermentation.

What is advised in the case of young wines is to consume them within two years after their acquisition. Extending the life of these wines more can put the integrity of all their properties at risk .

The taste of the young wine is fruity and very light, very different from the aging wine.

Crianza wines, wines that need to rest in barrels

Crianza wines, unlike young wines, spend a certain time in the barrel . This is usually oak, however, there may be other types of wood that are also valid.

The most common is that the aging wines are reds. Although white and pink can be given. 

However, there are several categories within the parenting. These are:

  1. Semi-aging wines semi-aging wines are those that have spent a maximum of 6 months in the barrel.
  2. Crianza wines : this is perhaps the type of wine that sounds the most within the crianza category. Its peculiarities are that it requires, at least, to spend a year in the barrel. In addition, it must then be aged for two years in the bottle before proceeding to the wine labeling phase. Crianza wines are estimated to last between 5 and 10 years. Depending
  3. Crianza Reserva : the aging of Crianza Reserva must be at least three years. Of these, one year must have been in the barrel.
  4. Gran Reserva : this group is where the highest quality wines are concentrated. It is the category of exceptional vintages. These wines must remain in barrels for at least two years and then another three years in the bottle.  

Both young wines, crianza or crianza reserva, require special care once they have been bottled. And it is that the flavor of these precious wines, as well as their properties, are at stake.

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