1- Xarel lo

Although the Xarello grape is one of the three main ones in the production of cava, it is also planted in the rest of Spain, due to its characteristics, since it is very productive, very rustic and withstands drought very well.

It is the variety with the largest cultivation area in the DO Penedés. It adapts very well to this area.

The range of altitudes at which this variety works well, goes from sea level to 400m.

It is a very rustic strain and adapts very well to hot and dry climates .

It is one of the three most important vine varieties in the production of cava.

2- Xarel lo growing areas:

Xarel lo is a white grape variety native to Catalonia . Catalan autochthonous variety.

It is also cultivated in Castilla la Mancha, Castilla Leon, Extremadura and Aragon.

3- Denominations of Origin in which it is grown:

  1. DO Alella
  2. DO Costers del Segre
  3. DO Penedés
  4. DO Tarragona
  5. DO Cava

4- Sinonimias del Xarel·lo

Xarelo is also known as:

Pansa Blanca, Pansal, Castoixa, Xarello, Sucre.

5- Characteristics of the Xarello grape


– Medium in size, with grains of uniform and compact size with marked shoulders.


  • Of size medium yellow green epidermis passing dark golden color during ripening.
  • Of section round.
  • With very thick and consistent skin , but sensitive to friction and with little bloom.
  • Pulp without pigmentation but with a tendency to darken when overripe, consistent and hard, with good juiciness and a fruity flavor.
  • Difficult to detach from its pedicels.

6- Characteristics of Xarel·lo strains

  • De porte lying and branching very very thick branches.
  • With early blooming and maturation from mid-season to late.
  • With force means, low fertility, it requires pruning thumbs with at least 3 or 4 the yolks.
  • Xarel lo strains are sensitive to bleeding, but with good yields if handled with long and adequate pruning.
  • Allows cordon pruning with long thumbs.
  • The leaf removal is very suitable to maintain the health and homogeneity of ripening in its bunches.

7- Agronomic characteristics and adaptation to the agroclimatic environment

  1. It is a very sensitive variety to mildew, powdery mildew and botrytis. It is also sensitive to cluster moths and spider mites.
  2. Xarello is sensitive to spring frosts .
  3. Resistant to wind, high temperatures and drought.
  4. It adapts well to all types of soils but is sensitive to prolonged waterlogging.
  5. It is also sensitive to iron chlorosis and magnesium and manganese deficiencies.

8- Characteristics of Xarel lo wines

  • It produces very acid musts with a high sugar content, with fruity aromas during ripening.
  • Excellent for dry white wines.
  • Essential base for cavas with a very characteristic bouquet.
  • The young wines are smooth, with a silky but full-bodied character, good acidity, fruity, aromatic and with an excellent alcohol content.

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