We all know that there are immensity of types of wine, in fact there is no one wine the same as another.


Do we know all the versatility of wine ?

In addition to the traditional way of enjoying wine in a glass and to accompany a meal, we can enjoy wine in a thousand ways.

Came in the Kitchen

From the most traditional use of wine made by grandmothers, those who used it for many years in the production of homemade wine sweets, to the latest trends in the hotel industry on winemaking.

Among the most traditional sweets with wine we can find, the roscón de vino, the torrijas de vino or the pestiños.

And among the most sophisticated elaborations with wine from the kitchen of the s. XXI we find products such as the wine salt made by Chef Mario Sandoval based on wine polyphenols or the wine elaborations of Chef David Muñoz in the DiverXo Restaurant, who cooks the wine considering it as an unfinished product.

Wine in Cosmetics

But outside the kitchen, wine has multiple uses, such as the latest trends in the use of wine for the production of cosmetic products where we can find everything from oils, creams, masks or scrubs, among others.

Also in the field of health, there are various uses of wine, so it is used for wine therapy in spas and spas, or for facial or body treatments , regenerative, relaxing or antioxidants, through masks or “mud” based on compounds. Wine beneficial for health such as polyphenols that are natural antioxidants in wine, among which the well-known resveratrol stands out .

But the versatility of the wine does not end here, but the by-products of the wine such as the marc are also reinvented to get the most out of them.

Product of the Orujos del Vino

This is how they have been created from wine marmalades created by a group of researchers from the Andalusian Institute of Wine Research with the scent of fermented red wine and with a grape flavor. Going through by- products of pomace used as food for animals such as pulp, skins and granilla. Even a pomace compost used as organic fertilizer that works very well for the fertilization of fruit and vegetable products such as melon.

As you can see, there are many wine options , and many more that we have yet to discover.


Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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