From the time we pick the grapes until we have the bottled wine, many accessories are needed for the production and fermentation of the wine. From VitiViniCultura we have made a selection of products to make wine, all of them available on Amazon, with which one can start making wine.

Obviously all the utensils for making wine are intended for amateur use , for professional use there are many companies specialized in the subject.

It is about providing a solution to all the queries that our clients ask us about accessories for home cellars and that we believe can be of great interest to people who decide to start with the subject of winemaking.

Here are some of the items necessary for winemaking, all of which are selected with technical criteria and which we believe are the best currently available on Amazon.

1- Crusher and Destemmer

The crushing of the grape is also known as grinding, or crushing the grape. The crushing allows the must to be better extracted , in the case of white grapes that are directly pressed and in the case of reds that are going to macerate in a stainless steel tank together with the solid parts.

We propose four solutions for crushing and / or destemming:

2- Wine presses

The press and tanks are strictly necessary to make wine. From there, the rest of things are more dispensable, although often necessary.

The wine presses are used directly in the production of whites , where the must is squeezed from the grapes as soon as they enter the winery.

In the production of reds it is used after maceration, to squeeze the solid parts.

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