This is surely not the first time you’ve read about the close link between moderate wine consumption and health. But now, a latest study has delved into how wine helps improve gut health.

After discovering the reasons why wine is so beneficial for your intestine, surely the next time you see a wine cellar with bottles of wine inside you will not think twice and have a glass!

Why is wine good for intestinal health?

study carried out by a team of researchers from the University of Groningen (Holland) has once again shown the advantages of moderate consumption of wine . And, in this specific case, this research has emphasized the  benefits for intestinal health .

To fully understand why wine is beneficial for the functioning of our intestines, we must know that bacteria coexist in this human organ. Some of them are good and some of them are not.

However, the key to optimal bowel function is to strike a balance between those beneficial bacteria and those that are not .

And the role of wine in gut health is to  improve the gut microbiome, thus balancing the level of good bacteria with that of bad .

Red wine “takes the cake” when it comes to health

The benefits of red wine for humans are multiple , as we discussed in a previous article.

And specifically, according to scientists, the responsibility for red wine being beneficial for health lies with polyphenols . These compounds are also found in vegetables, fruits, and beverages such as coffee and tea.

In this way, the bacteria that humans have in the intestines would have the ability to transform polyphenols into new substances, whose function would be to reduce the probability of developing diseases .

But the benefits of wine are not only manifested in intestinal health, but also in other fields. For example, wine reduces the level of cholesterol, blood pressure and the amount of triglycerides .

For the wine to be beneficial for health, one of the requirements is that its conservation phase has been adequate. And that’s where the wine coolers or wine coolers come into play , which allow you to regulate the temperature and humidity level of the wine bottles .

Thus, its objective is none other than to avoid altering the composition of the wine, so that its properties are not affected and can contribute to improving health.

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