Wine decanters: In a previous post we talked about the difference between decanted, aerated and jarreo. Well, this time we will show you the different types of decanters and their utilities.

What is a decanter?

The decanter is a jewel of glassware, made from blown glass that has its primary origin in the ancient Roman clay amphorae that were used to serve wine.

However, according to many historians, they would derive from the evolution of French liquors that the French began to use for decanting and serving wine.

At present these classic wine decanters have evolved and turned towards the so-called aerators .

What is a wine decanter for?

Decanters have several functions.

The main one is to aerate so that the reduction aromas disappear. After the wine has been bottled for a long time, it usually has some unwanted aroma that is closed or musty. These are the unwanted reduction aromas we met in our glass. With the decanting we are going to eliminate them.

The other important effect that takes place on wine when decanting is oxygenation. The wine opens and aromas are enhanced that in case of not decanting we need to keep the bottle open for 30-45min.

The third effect that we achieve when decanting the wine is that it can be consumed before in perfect service conditions.

The decanters will also help us to separate the natural grounds of the wine since they can be seen when pouring it and prevent them from falling.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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