Ensuring that the cellar or wine cellar is well insulated and sealed is key to maintaining the wine, but there is also another decision to make when it comes to storing the wine: choosing the refrigeration system.

There are three main types of cooling systems. Discover the unique benefits of each of them!

Wine cellars: types of refrigeration systems

It should be remembered that the objective is to maintain a constant, stable and ideal environment in your personalized wine cellar . Factors to balance this make the location , the limitations and the size of your wine bar , along with the initial cost , the cost of operation and ease of maintenance of the system .

These are the main cooling systems that exist:

  1. Self-contained through-wall cooling units .
  2. Ductless-Split Warehouse Refrigeration System .
  3. Double duct air handler Cellar climate control systems .

These units are the simplest and generally the least expensive to install. They come in one piece, are wall mounted, and vented through the wall.

When considering a self contained cellar refrigeration unit, the best wall for placement and exhaust must be decided . Many self-contained systems need to mount to an interior wall and exhaust the hot air and fan noise they generate in an adjacent room.

Also, this room will need to be well ventilated to accommodate the vented heat from the unit.

Other Considerations Regarding Refrigeration

A good general rule of thumb is that the adjoining room should be at least the same size as your wine cellar, although in the case of a wine cellar it is simpler since they are the ideal size according to their functions .

Likewise, a self-contained cellar refrigeration unit can be installed on an exterior wall , although this would not have to be done with a wine cellar, since as mentioned above, it is a refrigerator designed with pre-engineered systems in most cases.

Because wine lovers know how important it is to keep it well . So, what are you waiting for to buy your own wine cellar and enjoy a good drink, whenever you feel like it? Discover our catalog !

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