It doesn’t take a great wine connoisseur to figure out that all bottles are green. A green so dark that you rarely see inside. Wine cellars, cellars, supermarket shelves. It does not matter where the red wine bottles are located, they will always be green. Do you know why?

The answer to why wine bottles are dark green is very simple: to protect the contents from light. Only in this way can we ensure that its valuable content will remain in perfect condition until the day it is consumed.

Well, just like that would not be correct. The truth is that we need to deposit it inside a good wine cellar if we hope to be able to preserve its aroma, purity and quality . At the same time we let it mature, carefully. And in the most optimal conditions.

Wine bottles are dark green because it is cheaper

But not everything is due to the good intentions of the merchant, it is evident. There is another compelling reason why wine bottles are dark green: their price. It is the cheapest glass on the market . Which seems to be a great incentive for entrepreneurs in the sector, since always. Or do you remember a bottle of wine that is not dark green?

It’s more. What motivated the chain production of dark green bottles, to be deposited in our precious wine cellars, was an economic input. It would be later when they would end up realizing its great conservation potential .

The glass of wine bottles can be of all colors

This is because, in the past, impurities were not filtered from the glass. Hence its cloudy color capable of acting as a barrier against ultraviolet radiation. But that is already past water. Now the wine bottles are dark green and of all colors . But never for good red wine: the star of the wine bar.

The reality is that the only reason why wine companies choose to transform the glass of their containers is marketing. Being able to appreciate the color and texture of the liquid that is inside generates a sensation of rapid consumption. And fresh. But never so fresh, like a bottle found in a wine cellar.

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Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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