It is not crazy to say that wine is one of the oldest products in history. And this long history has earned it its improvement in terms of its production and elaboration over the years.

But if there is a type of wine that incessantly pursues perfection, that is signature wine. An ambitious and fragile wine, which, given its exclusivity, requires special conservation care. That is why we propose a solution: invest in quality and keep your signature wines in a wine cellar .

Signature wine: the greatest expression of wine

Although wine is the drink most linked to sophistication and exclusivity, the truth is that there is a lot of variety, so generalizing in the world of wine would be imprecise.

One of the lines that serves as a marker to differentiate the wines is the one baptized as “signature wine”. And precisely, this is the classification considered first class . Now we tell you why!

Signature wine is one whose elaboration has been designed and executed by an oenologist . This supervises all the phases of wine production, from the cultivation of the vine to the sale of the bottles.

Likewise, the winemaker unleashes all his winemaking knowledge and configures the personality of his wines. The personal stamp is the main distinction of signature wine. For this reason, its conservation is very important to maintain its properties and flavor .

The most common is that winemakers make small batches of their wines, in order to guarantee their unique style and high quality.

In short, bottles of signature wine are a very precious commodity, and now we explain how to keep them in your winery, restaurant or at home. Maintain optimum temperature and humidity in the signature wine is a prerequisite to enjoy its unique taste ! 

Why buy Vitempus wine cellars for signature wines?

If signature wine is the highest expression of wine, Vitempus wine cellars are the best option to preserve our best wines in a specific refrigerator and with all the functionalities.

Signature wine, due to its particular production process, is especially sensitive to the outside environment . Sometimes it can happen that abrupt changes in temperature or humidity affect this drink so coveted among the good palate, and end up transforming its flavor.

For this reason, it is essential to have a wine fridge, and to be able to enjoy good signature wine as it should. In addition, it is possible to acquire small wine bars , medium wine shops or large wine bars as needed. Browse our catalog and choose the one that suits you!

If you need more information, you can contact us directly and we will answer any questions!

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