Wine and art. Art and wine. Two very different terms with a strong common bond: both have been present in all stages of human history . It would be very absurd to say that there would be no art without wine. Nor did it come without art. Since each one occupies a relevant role in the chapters of our evolution.

The truth is that wine and art have always advanced hand in hand. We will all agree that outstanding works of art were born under the influence of this respected concoction. As we will also share the idea that wine itself can become pure art . Why do you think we invest so much in buying quality wine cellars , if not?

What is art? Art … is wine

But let’s put aside the intoxicating creative effects of alcohol, which we are all familiar with. Wine and art have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time – too – for another simple reason: their beauty.

As we said, human beings are capable of buying wine cellars for the sole purpose of delighting in contemplating their majestic collection of wine bottles. A joy reserved for some pockets that often find insinuation a greater pleasure than consumption. And what is art but contemplation?

Wine and art in 5 famous works

And precisely to be contemplated, there have been many artists who have chosen to include wine as the magnetic center of their works. Wine and art in the same piece that cannot convey another idea than that of joy or euphoria . Or so popular creations show, for example:

  • The Triumph of Bacchus (1629) by Diego Velázquez (known as Los borrachos )
  • La merienda (1776) by Francisco Goya
  • Glass of Wine and Boat (1904) by Salvador Dalí
  • The Wine Bottle (1922) by Pablo Picasso
  • The Wine Bottle (1924) by Joan Miró

Wine and art fused in the same object, with its own personality. Sometimes cubist, sometimes surreal or baroque. Even with a few festive touches of country romance. Be that as it may, the great names of the 20th century knew well how to combine wine and art without having to buy wine bars .

Diego Velazquez – The Triumph of Bacchus

Making history between wine, pencils and brushes

We just had to drop by one of the legendary avant-garde salons in the capital, such as the Café Colonial or the Pombo, to see how artists and intellectuals let their imagination run wild with a beautiful and pleasant glass of wine.

Spontaneous thoughts of geniuses that later materialize on a canvas with a brush. Or in a notebook, with a pencil. Immortal scenes of wine and art, fruit of improvised ingenuity, which perfectly capture that phrase of the French writer François Rabelais. “Wine is what has civilized the world the most.” Or not…

What is true is that you need to buy wine cellars to enjoy the art of wine in the tranquility and comfort of your home. Surrounded by geniuses or nice friends and family, what difference does it make . The point is to rejoice together over a good glass of wine, while we talk about art, the weather or the dirty laundry of the neighbor in the room.

What are you waiting for to find your wine cellar in our catalog !

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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