Professionals in the wine field are well aware of the importance of wine accessories . Because, what would we do without a wine cellar that keeps the bottles at their optimum temperature and humidity?

The truth is that there are accessories for wine that we could not do without in any case. We have made a small selection of those must-have wine accessories for wine lovers!

Wine accessories: the essentials

Just as a mountain lover cannot conceive of his life without good hiking boots and professional gear, a wine lover cannot do without some wine accessories that

  1. Wine decanter : there are types of wine that need to be decanted to aerate them before being consumed. Likewise, it may also happen that the wine contains lees, and that it is necessary to use a wine decanter. 
  2. Corkscrew : although it is possible to remove the cork from the bottles using some techniques that we talked about in a previous article , the truth is that there is nothing more comfortable than the corkscrew. And, a good idea is that it has a magnet. So you can put it in the fridge and always have it at hand!
  3. Wine Cooler: The wine cooler or wine cooler  is the wine accessory that requires the greatest investment . However, it is the most necessary. Among its functionalities,  the conservation of the wine at the temperature that you indicate , as well as the humidity level, stands out.
  4. Ice Bag : The ice bag or the bag to cool wine bottles is very useful in the warmer months. And the fact is that this bag allows you to keep the wine cold on the table, despite the fact that it is very hot outside. It is usually purchased for white and sparkling wines, which are the ones that should be served colder. Of course, be careful not to get cold, because it can negatively affect the taste of the wine!

What do you think of these wine accessories?

Wine glasses, accessories that fulfill specific functions

Wine is not served in specific glasses by chance or for aesthetic reasons. The truth is that wine glasses fulfill essential functions .

First of all, the shape of the glass allows oxygenation of the wine , something that definitely affects the taste.

Another element that differentiates a wine glass from a conventional glass is the stem or column (the part where the glass is held). Thanks to this element, when we hold the glass with our hands, we do not heat the wine .

Also, experts say that the thinner the glass of the wine glass, the better . And, at a more expert level , you should also know that depending on the type of wine, it is advisable to serve it in one glass or another.

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