The wine shops are appliances as useful as refrigerators because they are ideal to keep bottles of wine, keeping its quality intact for long . This is mainly due to the fact that they meet certain fundamental requirements such as:

  • Regulate humidity : the temperature of the wine cellar is maintained in a special way to preserve the attributes of the wines. This avoids excessive humidity and the modification of special characteristics such as taste and odor.
  • Correct position of the bottles : placing the bottles horizontally meets the objective of keeping the cork moist. With which the wine stays fresh for a longer time.
  • Isolate from light : the wine cabinets are made of a material that protects the wines, isolating and preserving the content much better. So unpleasant odors due to the filters are also avoided.
  • Protect from vibrations : wine rests much better in a wine cellar thanks to anti-vibration technology. These movements are common in all domestic refrigerators.

Can I keep all the wines in a wine cellar?

There are many quality wines. It should be noted that some of these have somewhat high costs. This does not mean that all refrigerators or wine cellars have wines that are very expensive .

The thing to keep in mind is the smart approach. The best option is always to go and buy directly from the winery and talk to the sellers about the type of wine that is being purchased.

This will allow us to know more or less how long you think your quality will last. In addition to what conditions and temperature we should keep it in our wine cellar.  

Which wine cellar best suits my needs?

Another important point is that every wine cellar has certain main characteristics. Surely there is one for you. Before buying it, try to choose the one that best suits your needs so that you can preserve the wine you want very well.

If you want to keep your wine bottles in optimal conditions, discover our great catalog of wine coolers . We are sure we have a wine cellar for you!

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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