The wine sector is experiencing a golden age: the rise of wine tourism and the trend to acquire wine coolers to preserve the wine, are some examples that demonstrate this.

And is that the world of wine has great gastronomic attractions, such as pairings. But what is the white wine pairing like?

With what to pair white wines?

If you can’t wait any longer to try that white wine that you bought in a supermarket winery, but you don’t know how to pair it, pay attention to the following guide!

These are the foods that pair perfectly with white wine:

  1. Fish : those fish with a strong flavor, such as sea bass, combine well with bottles of aged white wine.
  2. Seafood : if you are lucky enough to be on the Atlantic coast and taste a good seafood dish, try a young white wine, such as Albariño! This way you will maximize both the flavor of the delicacies of the sea and the wine. Do you know which are the magical wine routes of Galicia? Click here and discover them!
  3. Light meat : chicken meat pairs perfectly with any white wine. And if you are one of those who like rabbit or snails, you are in luck, because these dishes can also be paired with white wine!
  4. Pasta with Light Sauces : Thinking of making pasta with marinated sauce or carbonara? Now you can uncork your white wine as the perfect companion!

White wine and cheese: a love that crosses all borders

Not only do they share the color, white, which in the case of cheeses can take on ivory tones, but cheese and wine can share very high levels of confidence. Indeed, their combination results in an exquisite blend of flavor.

Although, to achieve excellence, we leave you some recommendations:

The sparkling wine dry is the great confident of cheeses like Manchego, Roncal, Camembert or Gorgonzola .

The white scarce both acidity and sweetness are considered ideal for cheeses like Garrotxa Catalan, the Idiazábal unsmoked sheep or goat N’vat.

White wines that have completed their fermentation process in the barrel, pair with saline and acid cheeses, such as aged Mahón cured, Galician San Simón, French count or gouda from the Netherlands.

After reading the article, you already know how to pair white wine like a true sommelier. But, do you know how to keep your wine bottles in optimal conditions so that their flavor and properties are not impaired?

The answer is easy: buy a wine cellar, which is a wine cooler that provides the temperature and relative humidity necessary for each type of wine .

Do you still do not have yours? Take a look at the extensive Vitempus catalog and find yours!

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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