1- Garnacha Blanca

Garnacha blanca is a somewhat unknown variety outside of the original areas of its cultivation, but at the same time it is a very interesting variety to replace the large amount of Airen that exists in Spain. It is a very rustic, productive variety, adapted to very hot climates and that works well throughout the peninsula.

The white Grenache is a mutation of the red Grenache that appeared in the area of ​​Catalonia.

It largely shares the ampelographic, viticultural and oenological characteristics with the red Grenache , except for the color of the bunch.

It is cultivated in the southeast of France and in the Northeast of Spain, from where it is native.

2- Synonyms

Grenache B is also known as Lladoner Blanco, Grenache Blanc, and Grenache Blanc in France.

3- Growing Zones of Garnacha Blanca

This variety is grown mainly in the areas where it is native.

DO where it is grown

  • Alella
  • Costers del Segre
  • Tarragona
  • highland

Authorized in the following DO

  • Cariñena,
  • Cigales
  • The Empordá-Costa Brava
  • Navarra
  • Priory
  • Somontano
  • Rioja
  • Castilla la Mancha

In France  the main area where it is used is the Rousellon and the Agy Valley.

4- Characteristics of the white garnacha grape

  • Adult Leaves:  Medium size, pentagonal and with five lobes.
  • Racemes:  Small to medium size, compact and with a very short peduncle.
  • Berries:  Medium, elliptical in shape and fine skin.

5- Phenology, sprouting and maturation

  • Sprouting:  Early-medium
  • Maturation:  Medium
  • Cycle:  Medium

6- Characteristics of the Garnacha Blanca strains

  • Vigor:  Very High
  • Fertility:  High.
  • Production:  Medium-High
  • Porte:  Very upright.

7- Adaptation to terroir , terrain and climate

  1. Rustic variety  , very resistant to drought.
  2. Fits  land  infertile and stony.
  3. It is  sensitive  to excess humidity and waterlogging conditions.
  4. Sensitive to the  shift  of the bunch, but to a lesser extent the Garnacha.
  5. It behaves well in  short pruning viticulture  , obtaining satisfactory productions.
  6. Quite  resistant to wind .
  7.  Magnesium deficiency symptoms are often easily expressed  .

8- Sensitivity to pests and diseases

  • Not very sensitive to  powdery mildew.
  • Sensitive to excoriosis,  mildew, botrytis  and bacterial necrosis.
  • Sensitive to   cluster moth .
  • Very little sensitive to  mites.

9- Characteristics  of Garnacha Blanca wines

  1. Garnacha blanca white wine grapes is a variety that produces  alcoholic wines , with medium-high acidity and rich in extract.
  2. Grown in cool areas, it improves the  acidity  of your wines.
  3. The potassium and malic acid contents in wine are considered low.
  4. White Grenache wines are  colored  greenish-yellow, and  aroma  of medium intensity, with floral notes, fruity and herbaceous.
  5. On the  palate they  are light, acidic and with medium persistence.
  6. It has a high content of  oxidases  that advises careful preparation to avoid early oxidation.
  7. Its wines can be mixed with other white varieties, or they are used in the production of monovarietal wines.
  8. Likewise, it is used to produce   natural sweet wines and rancid wines of golden color, fat and wide, which are consumed as dessert wines.

10- Wine tasting

Visual phase

In its visual phase we appreciate light yellow colors with greenish reflections.

olfactory phase

In the olfactory phase we highlight:

  • Good aromatic intensity with floral notes and white and tropical fruit.
  • Citrus fruits appear as secondary aromas.
  • Once opened, notes of candied white fruits appear.

Taste phase

In the fustative phase, the white Grenache wines we can highlight the following characteristics:

  • Fresh and sweet entry.
  • It has unctuousness and a certain persistence on the palate.
  • Tertiary aromas of melon and peach.
  • Well structured.

11- Pairing your wines

Garnacha pairs well with:

  1. The  rice  light taste like fish, mixed or Oriental.
  2.  Pasta or rice salads .
  3. Different types of  pasta  with marine touches.
  4.  White or blue fish , both freshwater and sea.
  5. Chocolates  and various desserts.

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