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1- Sultanina, description and characteristics of the vine variety.

White seedless variety of table grape.

2- Synonyms:

It is also known for:

  1. Thompson seedless,
  2. Sultana,
  3. Tomson,
  4. Kichinich.
  5. Raisin.

3- Clusters:

  • The bunches are large, conical and very elongated.
  • Medium compact,
  • With long peduncle and high lignification.

4- Berries:

  • The berries are small, ovoid or short elliptical in shape, circular in section and light yellowish green when ripe.
  • The skin is fine, with little bloom and little marked lenticels and stylized scars.
  • The pulp is hard and crisp, not pigmented and not very juicy.
  • With short pedicel and easy detachment of its berries.

5- Strains:

  • The strains are of medium to high vigor and erect bearing.
  • From budding, sifting, veraisoning and mid-season ripening times.
  • It is a very fertile variety with good production.

6- Agronomic characteristics and adaptation to viticulture:

  • The white seedless sultana grape requires destemming and stripping.
  • Type of pruning: It requires long pruning, since the buds at the base of the shoots do not have cluster differentiation.
  • When having small berries, you need the use of gibberellins, or ringing if necessary.
  • It is moderately sensitive to mildew.
  • Sultanate is a grape variety resistant to powdery mildew.
  • Sensible a los trips.
  • It is a variety that mites do not affect much.
  • Sensitive to botrytis, if good green pruning is not done.
  • The sultana berries are easily detached from the bunch.
  • Sultanate has a high sugar content and low acidity.

7- Oenological and industrial potential:

It is a variety traditionally used for obtaining raisins and fresh consumption , but it can also be used for making wine.

Sultana is the most widespread seedless white grape variety in the world.

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