1- Origin

The cayetana blanca is an autochthonous variety of the banks of the Guadiana in the province of Badajoz. Its cultivation is located practically entirely in this province although there is something planted in Cáceres and Huelva.

2- Use of the Cayetana

It is a white grape variety whose final destination is white winemaking.

3- Synonyms

It is known for:

  1. Cayetana
  2. Blanca Cayetana
  3. Cayetana Blanca
  4. Jaen White
  5. Jaen

4- Generic description of the variety:

  • It is a fertile variety that ripens early and yields are medium when pressed.
  • The bunch is medium, compact and often double bunches.
  • The grape is spherical, medium-small and with thick pale yellow skin with freckles.
  • It is a neutral grape in flavors, which when picked at the optimum point of maturation and using modern white winemaking systems, offers more delicate wines.
  • It is mainly used to make young wines that are going to be consumed soon.
  • It has a small, pentagonal, five-lobed leaf.
  • The bunch is medium in size and compact.
  • The Berry is of medium size, spherical of green-yellow color, with a non-colored pulp and presence of seeds.
  • The ripening cycle is long with the beginning of the harvest in the second week of September.
  • The wines obtained are pale yellow with greenish reflections, with intense and complex aromas, reminiscent of ripe fruits (bananas and apples).
  • In the mouth they are frank and fresh with fruity sensations that provide a complete aftertaste.

5- Phenology

Sprouting time: Medium

Flowering time: Medium

Season of veraison: Medium / Late

6- Vegetation

Branch Vigor: Medium / High

Grandchildren growth: Strong

Internode length: Very short

7- Agronomic adaptation to the wine environment

The cayenne variety has a resistance to medium iron chlorosis

Resistance to drought is medium high.

The degree of resistance to powdery mildew in the leaf is medium.

Sensible a la Botrytis.

8- Productive and oenological potential

  • Percentage of fruit set: High
  • Bunch weight: Medium
  • Berry Weight: Low
  • Grape weight / ha: Low
  • Sugar content of must: High
  • Total acidity of the must: Low

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