A few months ago we were surprised by the news that a supermarket wine was among the best wine bars in the world. Specifically, it is Lidl’s Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc sparkling wine which, for now, is only found in stores in the United Kingdom.

That a wine of this type is one of the highest awarded by the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), gives us a lot to think about where to buy cheap and quality wine.

Will the supermarkets become the new competitors of the wineries ? And  most importantly, will we end up filling our prized wine cellar with private label bottles?

Are the best wines for our wine cellar in a supermarket?

The German chain Lidl can already boast of selling around 10,000 bottles of its low-cost star wine per month. But it is not the only supermarket that has decided to enter the Spanish wine sector through the big door.

Cheap wine is undoubtedly beginning to creep into favorite store shelves across the country. And as much as it may surprise you, its low price is not its main attraction. But its flavor .

Or so consumers claim. Who have been seduced by a hidden quality behind the word “offer”. In the same way as the wine cellar of the author of Los Supervinos 2018 , the winemaker and Joan C. Martín.

Where to buy cheap and quality wine: list of supermarkets

After tasting and analyzing the bottles and labels of a selection of supermarket wines, C. Martín reveals the keys to knowing where to buy cheap and quality wine.

The most surprising thing about his review is not the large number of supermarket wines that, according to him, deserve to be in our wine cellar. But their impressive price: none of them exceed 2 euros!

Being a foodie seems to be within reach of all pockets . And it is that these wines are not lacking in virtues. Since, surely, they are worth more than they cost. In addition, at this price, we are sure that we do not lose anything by trying them.

Take note. Because some of the wines that cannot be missing from your shopping cart or wine cellar are:

  • Red wine : Torre Orias Tinto Crianza (€ 2.00).
  • Cheap white wine : Blancauvas Blanco (€ 1.65 at Mercadona) and Viñas Altas Blanco (€ 1.94 at El Corte Inglés and Hipercor).
  • Cheap rosé wine : Los Molinos Rosado (€ 1.65 in all supermarkets), Gran Castillo Rosado (€ 1.75 in Consum), Comportillo Rosado (€ 1.89 in Mercadona) and Castillo de Liria Bobal Rosé (1.89 € in Mercadona).

Quality / price in our wine cellar

According to the author of the guide, these are wines that could champion the expression “quality / price” to perfection . Unlike the bottles that we are used to finding in our prized wine cellar, many of these wines do not have a recognized designation of origin.

However, its grapes provide “magic and mystery” in the same sip. Up to the point of being elegant and, above all, exquisite. Do you dare to try them? If you have a special event at home, you can fill your wine cellar with very little budget.

So you can invest in the other great ally of the pleasure of tasting: gastronomy! And if you still don’t have a wine cellar, don’t forget to check out our catalog . You are sure to find a wine fridge to suit you.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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