1- When is the best time to plant the vineyard?

The vine is a deciduous plant, which makes a winter and vegetative stop .

This moment of vegetative stop, when the plants lose all their leaves, is when it is used to carry out the transplant.

At this time, the flow of sap is practically null and it is when it is used for the extraction of the plants from the nursery, counting, selecting, classifying and making them, without affecting the vineyard.

2- What is the season to plant a vine?

There is no  date he or ptima established plantation or n . The plants can be planted all winter through early spring.

In the northern hemisphere , vines can be planted from December to late spring.

In very cold areas :

The current trend is to delay planting well into spring a little, to avoid the possible risk of frost.

In warmer areas :

Plantings take place in early winter.

In areas with little water availability or dry areas:

The early plantations are established early in the final land in order to have the whole winter ahead to receive the water supply of this season.

Currently, as most of the plantations are carried out with drip irrigation systems , we eliminate the need to plant early, being able to extend the planting time much longer by having an external supply of water.

In the winter season , it is common for the weather to be capricious, and that the season or the way of plantation greatly conditions us.

We have to remember that to carry out a good planting the soil must be in  temperature , which is the ideal state to carry out work.

3- What is the best time to plant a vineyard?

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4- How to plant a vine?

This would be the next question we can ask ourselves.

We also have it resolved in our blog, in the following link, where it is explained from the simplest, traditional and rustic forms to the most modern laser plantations. How to plant a vine?

5- How much will it cost me to plant a vineyard?

Another very interesting question. We also have this question answered in How much does it cost to plant a hectare (10,000 square meters) of vineyard?

6- Can I get some wine made at home? 

The wine comes from the fermentation of grapes. If we have grapes we can have wine.

Fermentation is the process by which the sugars in the grape become alcohol. The theory is simple, but it gets complicated when we begin to know the different techniques of current oenology.

Traditionally in Spain there are a large number of small home cellars in which wine was made. Wine was considered a food , so it was part of the sustainable agriculture practiced by our ancestors. They did it with much less means and resources, we can make wine much more easily.

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