1- JANUARY, pruning and pruning wound treatments.

When the vineyard sleeps is when the pruning work begins. Pruning is one of the tasks in the vineyard that requires the greatest number of hours. Performing this task efficiently will save us a lot of time.

2- Recommendations for pruning

Recommendations in pruning that will avoid the implantation and transmission in our vineyards of wood diseases:

  1. Delay pruning as much as possible and do it in dry weather.
  2. Disinfect the pruning tool with alcohol or copper sulfate.
  3. Burn or shred pruning debris immediately.
  4. The large pruning cuts, make them as vertical as possible, and cover them with a protective mastic.

After carrying out the pruning of the vineyard, it is advisable to apply a healing agent for the cuts in order to avoid problems in the vines, especially those related to tinder or wood diseases.

3- ✅ Pruning tools

Some articles that will help you to perform a better pruning:

Hand scissors

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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