In the Gallic country they have certain problems for the maturation of the Petit Verdot, but on the contrary, in the Iberian Peninsula, very interesting wines are being obtained,  the Spanish viticulture , of a greater number of hours of insolation and higher average temperature.

1- Petit Verdot

Variety  native to  the south-west of France.

2- Characteristics of petit Verdot grapes:


Small in size, low compact, with a very long peduncle.


Small, of very uniform size, with dark purple epidermis, spherical in profile, with a very patent stylar remainder, thick rim and long pedicels, difficult to detach from the berries.


Thick skin. Unpigmented pulp, compact, very juicy, with a raspberry flavor.


The vines are of medium vigor and very short internodes, with a semi-upright habit. Budding and late maturing. High fertility.

3- Characteristics of the strains

– Very rustic variety  , with good adaptability to all types of soils and to drought.

–  Not very sensitive  to mildew, powdery mildew and quite resistant to gray rot.

– Very sensitive to  cluster moths and mites .

–  Resistant  to the breaking of branches by the wind and the cold of spring.

– It has high magnesium requirements   and low nitrogen and potassium needs. With high phosphorus requirements.

4- Winemaking potential

It  produces  very colored musts , with a high sugar content and quite tannic.

Its  wines , very colored, have intense aromas of cherry and ripe plums.

Its fruits produce a  wine with a  very powerful body and color.

When the wines are very young, they recall the aromas of raspberries and berries.

It is a very interesting variety for  hot climates.

Mixed with other varieties, it  adds body  and color to the mix.

In suitable warm climates, Petit Verdot produces grapes rich in sugar and high acidity.


5- Tasting of the Petit Verdot:

The  wines  made with this variety of grape are characterized above all by having  aromas of black fruits such  as blackberries.

It also provides different  spicy tones  as well as molasses.

The elaborated wine has a  complex flavor , where you can find nuances as diverse as coconut, sweet wood or vanilla, among others.

At the time of its  tasting , the mouth will also experience details of slightly toasted and oak flavors  , possibly due to its aging and depending on its age we can also find nuances of cedar.

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