1- Tight Picudo

Prieto picudo is a variety  native to the area of ​​Castilla y León . It is a variety with a lot of color , with a high acidity and with a large amount of sugar and tannin. It is considered that it produces special and different wines. It is the most widely planted variety in the Tierra de León denomination of origin.


Small in size, conical, highly compact and with a very short peduncle.


Small, with an acuminate profile, very uniform in the bunch, with a tendency to dehydrate. Blue-black epidermis. With fine skin.


Unpigmented , soft, juicy pulp , with aromas of unripe fruits and herbaceous.


Strains: Not very vigorous, with a prone bearing. Flowering and mid-season maturation.

2- Agronomic characteristics and adaptation to the viticultural environment

  • Low fertility and low production variety.
  • Very sensitive to sun and berry burns.
  • Early leaf fall is frequent due to sensitivity to drought, it adapts better to cool soils and a mild climate.
  • Sensitive to powdery mildew and botrytis.
  • Insensitive to mildew.
  • Needs wide pruning.

3- Winemaking potential of Prieto Picudo:

  • It produces very sugary musts with a high coloring intensity with a cherry red scent and violet tones.
  • Very aromatic with intense fruity and high acidity.
  • Traditionally it has been used for the production of young, rosé and claret, needle-tipped and highly aromatic wines.
  • It can produce excellent quality aging reds.
  • At present it is being made monovarietally obtaining some very interesting wines.

4- Tasting of the black Picudo:

  • It is an elegant red wine, with a pleasant texture, fresh aroma and bright color with red and purple tones.
  • On the nose, the presence of tempranillo is distinguished, with notes of red fruits, plums and sloes. The pietro picudo grape leaves its notes of herbaceous , balsamic (pennyroyal, menthol, ..) and spicy (anise, pepper).
  • The color is pleasant, with ruby tones , very cheerful, although with some violet highlights in the halo. Obviously, the aroma of the first fermentation is soft , it is surprising that when tempered it has a high alcohol content in its tear.

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