The months of April and May are usually quite hectic when growing vines. The cold ends and the heat begins and with the humidity of the soil the vineyard and the weeds tend to grow very fast.

You have to control weeds, carry out preventive phytosanitary treatments and carry out green pruning.

The viticulture works to be carried out in the month of May are:

1- Green pruning and thinning.

Green pruning is one of the most important jobs in the vineyard.

It takes place between the months of April and May depending on varieties, areas and the year.

The advantages obtained when pruning in green are:

  1. Greater ventilation of the strain.
  2. Control of the balance of the productive load.
  3. It facilitates the pruning work of the next season.
  4. The vineyard suffers less water stress in the hot months.
  5. Increase in the quality of the grapes produced.
  6. Reduction of fungal diseases.

2- Phytosanitary Treatments

Continue with foliar treatments if necessary with micronutrients in vineyards where deficiencies have been manifested in previous years.

Continue with phytosanitary treatments, if they are not necessary, to control powdery mildew, mites and excoriations.

3- New plantations

Formation of young plants .

Remove sprouts from logs.

4- Soil management

If the spring has been rainy we may have an extra job for weed control.

Tilled with a cultivator to control weeds in the area between vines. Use of inter-strains.

Carry out herbicide treatments if necessary.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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