Unknown variety in Spain, although with great potential for our country. Defined as the white variety for red drinkers… Viognier is a long cycle variety that is well suited to hot climates.

1- Viognier

The Viognier grape is a white wine variety originally from France, from the northern area of ​​the Rhône.

It is cultivated in several countries of the European Union such as Austria, Greece, Malta, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

2- Characteristics of the bunches

– Compact bunch.

– Small size.

– Peduncle visible and little lignified.

3- Berries of the Viognier grape.

– Grapes have small berries.

– The berries are round, spherical.

4- Time of sprouting and maturation

– First season, early budding.

– Middle-early ripening period.

5- Agricultural adaptation of the strain

– Due to its early budding, it is slightly sensitive to spring frosts .

– It is a bit sensitive to the wind , so it must be ridden on trellises.

– It must be pruned with moderate long pruning .

– It is usually planted with a fairly high planting density, depending on the area between 4,000 and 6,000 vines per hectare.

– It adapts very well to acid soils .

– Well adapted to humid climates .

– Prefers deep soils, but not excessively fertile.

– Sensitive to extreme drought .

– It is quite resistant to pests and diseases.

– It does not present any particular sensitivity to any disease.

– Difficult to grow, low production and very late maturing.

6- Oenological potential of Viognier wine.

– It allows making very aromatic wines reminiscent of apricot, peach … these are complex, powerful and high quality wines.

– This variety has a potential for high sugar accumulation, with an alcoholic strength of around 13 degrees, but its wines lack a bit of acidity.

– Soft wines with floral aromas , with a silky texture due to its high glycerin content, and a golden-yellow color that invite you to drink them young.

– In overripe vintages, its wines are suitable for barrel aging.

7- Cata of the viognier wine.

Visual phase

Soft, bright and transparent yellow color.

Olfactory phase, aromas of viognier

On the nose it is complex, with a predominance of tropical fruit (pineapple, mango) and aromatic herbs.

Taste Phase

In the mouth it is tasty, fresh and lively. It has a powerful entry with pleasant aromas of ripe fruits followed by a long, clean and extraordinarily fresh finish.

8- The viognier in Spain.

The grape has been planted in Spain in small quantities. Currently we can find it in Priorat, Jumilla, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla Leon …

9- The Viognier in France.

The Viognier white grape variety, originally from the Rhone in Condrieu, is little cultivated even in its place of origin, but with greater success in Languedoc-Roussillon (France).

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