Atomizers, nebulizers, sprayers

Do not heat your head, they are basically distinguished by the size of the drop they make, being the order from largest to smallest spray, nebulizer and atomizer.

Likewise, the use goes from less to greater professionalism. The sprayers can be manually operated while the sprayers require a tractor.

The droplet size is very important for the absorption of the product by the leaves of the plant, being always the most effective a smaller droplet size.

In the photo you can see the influence of the droplet size on the foliar cover.

Phytosanitary treatments on the vine are necessary. Below is a description of the main sprayers and manufacturers specialized in the vineyard.

Manual Sprayers

Manual sprayers, as their name suggests, are water tanks of different volumes, which, activated by a manual lever, are capable of projecting water or phytosanitary products, sprayed in fine drops on a surface.

Plants need very special and close care. The sprayers are ideal for both the application of herbicides and foliar treatments.

The main characteristics by which we differentiate them are:

By the type of action

In the market there are many models and brands, but we are going to focus on the most professional in viticulture. Obviously for a professional viticulture it will already be necessary to use a turbo atomizer or turbo sprayer powered by machinery or tractor.

Some of the leading brands in this type of product are Matabi, Bellota …

By volume or load capacity

Small volumes

Volumenes hasta 7L

12 and 16L volume


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