1- Vineyard patterns: Paulsen 1103

P-1103 is a very vigorous rootstock. For this reason it is widely used in replanting of faults in already established vineyards. It is quite resistant to salinity in soil and works well in poor soils.

2- Denomination

1103 P (1103 Paulsen)

3- Breeder

Federico Paulsen

4- Year of obtaining


5- Genetic origin

It comes from the cross between Vitis berlandieri cv. Rességuieur nº2 y Vitis rupestris cv. Lot.

6- Resistance to soil parasites:

1103 P offers a high degree of resistance to root phylloxera .

Its resistance to the nematodes Meloidogye incognita is medium, and it is sensitive to the nematodes Meloidogyne arenaria.

7- Adaptation to the agricultural environment:

  • 1103 P resists up to 30% total limestone and 17% active limestone. CPI is 30.
  • Its resistance to iron chlorosis can be considered average.
  • It is very well adapted to drought and compact soils even with temporary presence of humidity in spring.
  • 1103 P absorbs magnesium well .
  • It performs well in acid soils and its tolerance to chlorides is quite good.
  • The characteristic for which it is fundamentally used is because it is one of the patterns that presents a greater resistance to salinity (chlorides) in the soil.

8- Interaction with the variety and production objectives:

  • The vigor that 1103 P transmits is important.
  • Due to its great vigor and good roots after transplanting, it offers rapid development of new plantations, but in certain situations it induces low yields produced by excess vigor.
  • The graft Syrah gives good results in France.
  • Some affinity problems with Tempranillo have been shown .
  • Provides very good results when used in hot, dry areas and on poor soils.

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