How is pruning of the formation vine carried out?

The first green: (spring-summer after planting)

At the level of pruning the vine, we do not have to carry out any type of pruning, no green pruning, simply carry out the appropriate tasks of viticulture, so that the plant grows healthy and vigorous.

The first pruning: (the first winter after planting)

When is the first pruning of the vine done?

When the leaf falls (first winter), we can proceed to carry out the first pruning. For the plantations of the year, it is recommended to carry out a late pruning, to avoid frost damage, that is to say mid-end of February: At this time everything has to be pruned. Phenological State 2: Swollen Buds .

How is the vine formation pruning done?

  1. A vine is chosen from among all those that have sprouted in the previous spring, the strongest, vigorous and straight.
  2. The rest of the shoots are completely removed.
  3. From the vine that we have left, we cut it to two buds. We are going to have practically no vine of the year. Only one and trimmed to two fingertips (3-4 fingers).

Although it seems that we are delaying to cut everything that has grown during the first summer, it is the opposite. The new shoots will sprout with more strength and vigor (due to having a root system already installed in the land and developed) that will allow us to form the vine much better. As spring arrives, the vine will sprout stronger with longer internodes and spectacular growth in spring.

Once it begins to sprout (second green) we must select the vine that we are going to climb and at the same time we must guide it through the vine tutor.

There are special binding machines for the green binding of the vine.

For the subject of guidance, there are vine tutors , which must already be installed. With the machine, we will guide and tie the green vine shoots to obtain a straight formation. Let’s not forget that the vine is a climbing plant and that we can guide it to form wherever we want. Different types of training can be carried out: glass, trellis, vine….

In the case of trellis formations.

  • As we guide-tying the tutor, we must eliminate all the sprouts that do not interest us (green pruning), to enhance the growth of the main shoot.
  • In a few months it will reach the height of the forming wire or first wire.
  • When it reaches the desired height, it is blunted, that is, the growing apex of the tip is cut off. From this moment on, it will no longer grow in that direction or through that bud. It will sprout from all the buds that it has along the vine.
  • When it emerges, it sprouts all over the buds of the cane and we have to clean the cane to only leave the two shoots at the top (one on the left and one on the right in the case of the double cordon). These branches will be tied to the formation wire, until they touch the branches of the neighboring plants, at which time we will sprout again.

How long do we need for the formation of a trellis strain?

In this way we will have the strain formed in two greens, or what is the same, about 18 months. The next green we will have a harvest.

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