1- Vine Patterns: RU 140

The 140 Ru is a rootstock that is making a very important niche in today’s plantations. Possibly the most requested after R-110. It is vigorous and holds the lime well, which is why it is displacing the traditional patterns that supported the lime such as 41-B or 161-49.

2- Usual name

140 Ru

3- Breeder

Antonio Ruggeri

4- Year of obtaining


5- Genetic origin

It is a cross between Vitis berlandieri cv. Rességuier nº2 and Vitis Rupestris cv. Lot.

6- Resistance to soil parasites

140 Ru has a good degree of resistance to root phylloxera .

The resistance to nematodes Meloidogyne arenaria This rootstocks is high, although it is only average for the nematodes Meloidogyne incognita.

7- Adaptation to the environment

140 Ru is characterized by its good adaptation to calcareous soils and its high resistance to drought.

Resists up to 50% total limestone, 20% active limestone IPC 90.

140 Ru absorbs magnesium well and is suitable for use in calcareous, dry, shallow, shallow and stony soils.

8- Integration with the variety and production objectives

The vigor provided by 140 Ru is very important.

This rootstock favors strong vegetative development and tends to delay the vegetative cycle and maturation.

Grafts with very vigorous varieties such as Garnacha, Sauvignon Blanc and especially with Monastrell are reserved only for exceptional conditions.

With varieties such as Caladoc, Cariñena, Marselan, Tempranillo and Syrah there may be problems with the development of the graft and they may have bad welds at the graft point. This problem is only at the nursery level.

Very vigorous and therefore it is not convenient to use it in very fertile soils, because due to its great vigor it could induce low yields in some varieties.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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