1- What is vine erinosis?

It is a pest , caused by the Eriophyes vitis Mite ( Eriophyes vitis . Sin.  Colomerus vitis ).

There are three races:

  • Race of false guts
  • Buds race
  • Race that curves the leaves

2- Biological cycle of Erinosis

We know that the adult mite overwinter inside the buds and under the bark. It goes outside in spring when conditions are favorable.

It can have several generations , which in the Spanish climate, go from March to the end of the vegetative period in October or November, having detected up to 7 generations in the tests.

The adult is 0.2mm long with 4 legs and the eggs are oval and white.

In its biological cycle there are 4 intermediate larval stages.

3- What are the most favorable conditions for its development?

Erinosis develops in vineyards that have been fertilized with excess nitrogen and in conditions of high relative humidity.

These are the same conditions for the development of other diseases such as vine mildew or vine powdery mildew.

4- Symptoms of Erinosis

The first symptoms can be observed already in spring , when the temperature conditions are favorable.

It is a very characteristic disease and very easy to detect , since it produces bulges in the upper part of the leaves that at the back have a white hair at the beginning and brown as it develops.

It can also be detected in bunches and buds, but it is very unusual to find it in these latitudes.

It usually attacks all varieties equally, not showing varieties that are sensitive to this pest.

Some of the symptoms in very affected plantations can be confused at the beginning of sprouting with a lack of boron or with the short internode virus.

5- Photos of Erinosis de la Vid

6- Damages caused by erinosis

In general, the damage caused by Erinosis is not very serious.

If the mite population is very high , a delay in sprouting or even uneven sprouting with deformed leaves or no sprouting of some buds can be observed.

The consequences are a drop in production and the vigor of the vineyard, which we will see as it progressively weakens.

7- Treatment and Control of erinosis

Ecological and cultural measures alternatives to chemical control

These measures are very basic, but common sense. The importance of burning the pruning remains is noteworthy , as it has a higher incidence in this disease.

Logically, it does not make sense to multiply or graft the vine with infected material . These are very basic things, but they are not always fulfilled and they usually have a very positive effect on the health of our vineyards.

Treatment with biological media

With the modernization of agriculture and the increasing use of penetrating or systemic active ingredients, the traditional use of sulfur in dusting, which is ecological, has decreased dramatically. This has led to the increase of many pests such as Erinosis , which formerly with the widespread use of Sulfur, did not even exist.

On the other hand, the irrational use of insecticides has made us eliminate many of the natural enemies of Erinosis.

Erinosis has some natural enemies: As long as the presence of these is favored in our plot, the incidence of erinosis will be much lower.

Algunos de sus enemigos natural son: Typhlodromus phialatus, Amblyseius sp. Aeolothrips sp., Chrysoperla carnea y Orius sp.

Treatment and Chemical Control of Erinosis

Erinosis is not a very serious disease , and miticides can be used, but they are not usually necessary and their use is not justified if you do not have a very strong attack.

It is generally well controlled with applications of Sulfur in any of its forms: dusted or wet.

When do we have to try? Moment of intervention

A justified application with a chemical treatment with sulfur can occur when the presence of Erinosis is in 5% of the leaves. If the presence is greater than 10%, the application of an acaricide would already be justified .

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