Pruning the vine is one of the jobs that requires the greatest number of hours in the vineyard. With pruning, the vigor of the plant, the load and production, the balance of the vine are controlled … Today, there is a lot of tool for pruning the vine, which will make this task easier, faster and more efficient.

We have made a selection of the best pruning shears , saws and scissors battery and chainsaws, all them professional tools for pruning the vineyard.

1- 1-hand pruning shears

The pruning shears is a tool that is not paid the attention it should. There are many manufacturers of pruning shears, of various qualities. As always, the price depends on the quality.

We, in our work in the nursery, use a lot of hand scissors and we are large consumers of this type of scissors.

After trying many brands, models and manufacturers, we are left with one. Not only because of the scissors itself, but because of the spare parts as well. There are cheaper scissors that do not have refills.

If you want a scissors for life, to which changing the blade is as if you had a new scissors, and that using it 8 hours a day works perfectly … well, buy a FELCO n 7 scissors : it is Swiss, it is expensive, but it is good and tough.

In addition, this model has a length of 21cm and a weight of 290 grams and what I like the most is that it is designed for pruning . The handle is rotatable which means that to make the cut you have to do 30 percent less force.

✅ We recommend professional hand scissors

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