1- Victoria Grape

2- Origin

Obtained at the Dragasani Horticultural Research Institute, Romania, by Lepadatu Victoria and Condei Gheorghe.

It is a cross between Cardinal x Regina.

3- Synonyms

Hybrid 2-13-8, Victoria Blanc, Vittoria.

4- Cluster

From size medium to high, medium compactness.

With a long and highly lignified peduncle.

Clusters homogeneous in size and berry color.

The Victoria variety has loose, winged, cylindrical conical clusters.

5- quite a lot

Large to very large berries with elliptical-cylindrical shape quite elongated.

Thick, hard skin , with a lot of sheen. Intense golden yellow color.

Crunchy, juicy pulp with particular flavor and aromas reminiscent of the Italia variety.

With rounded seeds and a long beak.

The berries are large, elliptical long with high resistance to crushing and shelling, yellow in color and neutral in flavor.

  • Color: Yellowish green.
  • Shape: Cylindrical ellipsoidal.
  • Caliber: Large, between 23-25 ​​mm.
  • Taste: Neutral.
  • º Brix: 14-16.
  • Pulp: Crunchy.

6- Phenology

Late blooming, sifting and veraison and early maturation.

  • Season: Early.
  • Budding Date: March 15. From the first week of March in Huelva, until the fourth week of March in Almeria.
  • Flowering date: May 10.
  • Envero Date: June 30.
  • Ripening Date: From the first week of July in Seville to the third week of July in Almeria. In the Mediterranean basin a little later, at the beginning of August.
  • Harvest date: from July 1 to August 15.

The dates indicated are the result of observations made in reference research fields but may vary according to the area.

7- Fertility

High. Not very sensitive to bleeding, good curdling.

8- Production

Good production.

The theoretical net production is 18,000 Kg per Ha.

9- Vigor

Strains of medium to high vigor.

10- Driving

It is a vigorous variety that adapts very well to vineyard driving.

It responds well to growing techniques under plastic to anticipate ripening.

11- Agronomic characteristics

Short to medium pruning, adapting also to long pruning.

It is somewhat sensitive to powdery mildew.

No tendency to crack the berries.

Not very sensitive to botrytis.

Not very sensitive to acid rot.

12- Technological skills

Very good as a table grape due to its large size and attractiveness.

Medium resistance to transport and cold storage.

High resistance to crushing and shelling.

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