1- Given.

Verdil is a very little known variety in Spain, very little cultivated and practically in extinction. Originally from the Valencia area, specifically Fontanars dels Alforins, which is located in the southern interior of the Valencian community. It is the flagship variety of the Daniel Belda winery that with a lot of work and effort has managed to recover it, and make it known in practically the whole world.

2- Synonyms:

Verdeja, further.

3- Characteristics of Verdil grapes


Small size, medium compact, with long peduncle, uniform berry size, shoulder and frequently independent first branching.


-Medium to small size, with very intense green and translucent epidermis.

-Difficult to detach, with a very thick rim and long and thick pedicels.

-With very fine skin, with a very marked stylar scar and patent lenticels.

-Pulp not colored, soft to consistent, very juicy, with a peculiar flavor.


 Vigorous, erect and not very branched.

4- Characteristics of the verdil strains:

The vine of this variety has some characteristics that we list below:

-It is a  medium-late budding variety ,  maturing  in the middle of the campaign.

-Low fertility, but with good production.

-Not sensitive to mites.

-Low sensitive to powdery mildew and mildew.

– Little sensitive to botrytis.

5- Potential of the verdil variety wine:

It is not a very worked variety, so the experiences and bibliography in this regard are quite scarce. The characteristics of verdil wines are the following:

-With greenish musts, very acidic and aromatic.

-Capable of very aromatic and perfumed young wines, with peculiar and differentiated characteristics.

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