Spain, Italy and France are the reference countries for wine. Its atmospheric conditions and the richness of its soil have led to the cultivation of grapes suitable for the production of high quality wine.

That is why both restaurants and individuals in wine-growing areas are aware of the importance of preserving wines in optimal conditions, through the use of wine cellars .

There are some wine appellations from countries that are quite surprising. Let’s take a look at some of them!


7 vineyards considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Unesco has paid attention to the world of wine, as an important and rich area of ​​humanity. For this reason, it has drawn up its own list of optimal locations for wine and considered World Heritage Sites. Shall we take a look at some of them?

  1. Jerusalem, Palestine – This is one of the landscapes listed as endangered. They say the quality of their land is, in part, due to the groundwater that runs through it.
  2. Lavaux, Switzerland : Very few would bet anything that there are good vineyards in Switzerland, the country of skiing and chocolates. But indeed, Lavaux is an area in Switzerland rich in wine production.
  3. The Cape, South Africa : This area is part of the protected areas of the Cape Floral Region.
  4. Bordeaux, France : the area bathed by the Garonne River has earned a well-deserved prestige thanks to its vineyards, which allow the production of high-quality wine.
  5. Piedmont, Italy : Located in northwestern Italy, this area is already one of the most prestigious designations of origin for wine in the world.
  6. Douro Valley, Portugal : they say that the properties of the land of the fields that bathe the Douro River (Or Duero in Spanish) are infinite. In fact, viticulture has a history of more than 2000 years among farmers in this area.
  7. Loire Valley, France : This valley is not only infused with cultural beauty, but also by scenic beauty and the richness of its vineyards. Thus, in the times of the Renaissance, it was common to find vineyards around the stately palaces that were being built in the area.

These 7 vineyards are, without a doubt, unbeatable places with a land of great quality.

Wine cellars: a smart investment

How could it be otherwise, the wines produced in these places are little treasures that house unique, unmatched properties . For this reason, it is essential that once acquired, they are kept in optimal conditions.

Maintaining the temperature and the humidity level are key factors for the wines belonging to vineyards considered World Heritage Sites to preserve their essence .

At Vitempus we are aware of the great value of good wine. But quality is not the only thing that counts, but also the way in which the wine is preserved . That is why we have wine cellars of all sizes and designs . Find the one that best suits your needs!

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