Underground drip irrigation in vineyard:

It is a pressure irrigation system similar to  drip irrigation  but where the pipe is buried at a depth of between 30-60cm depending on the type of soil, its structure and the depth of the roots.

Currently there are more and more facilities that are carried out with underground drip irrigation.

Good installation planning and studies are required to calculate horizontal water displacement.

Advantages of underground irrigation in vine:

The advantages are the same as  drip irrigation  and also:

  1. Evaporation losses are even lower.
  2. Effluent water can be used , as the microorganisms in the water are not exposed to air or sunlight.
  3. The pipes do not bother at all at all.

Disadvantages of underground irrigation in vineyards:

  1. The pipes can present problems of obstruction and perforation by the roots.
  2. The design of the installation is critical to prevent the siphon effect and the entrainment of particles into the dripper causing obstructions in the pipeline.
  3. The maintenance is a bit higher than normal drip.
  4. The installation cost of 30% higher than the conventional drip.
  5. material cost of 20% higher than the external drip.

Installation of underground drip irrigation, guidelines:

  • We must bear in mind that once the installation is done, we will not be able to see the pipe or detect leaks or breakdowns with the naked eye, and the repair will be more expensive, since the buried pipe must be discovered, therefore we must perform a correct installation that will not present problems.
  • closed circuit must be performed to equalize pressures.
  • Special pipes must be used to be buried, which have thicker walls and special drippers that prevent the entry of the roots.
  • Suction cups must be installed , so as to avoid the suction of water and soil particles when the irrigation is finished.
  • More frequent maintenance and cleaning should be done .

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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