The ugni blanc, is originally from Tuscany and planted throughout Italy, Greece, France and some in Spain … but it is a variety still unknown in our country. It is a vigorous and productive strain with a large bunch and small berry that ripens late. It adapts well to different conditions and produces aromatic and high-grade wines. Interesting.

1- Ugni Blanc or Trebbiano

Variety native to Italy (Tuscany) where it is widely cultivated.

It is a white variety used for winemaking.

2- Synonym:

He is also known for:

Saint-Emilion (France), Biancame (Italy), Bianchello (Italy), Procanico (Italy), Talia (Portugal), Trebbiano (Chipre, Crecia y Malta), Trebbiano toscano (Italy) y Yuni blan (Bulgaria).

3- Characteristics of the Ugni Blanc grape


The racemes are large, winged, elongated cylindrical.

High compactness.


The berries are medium to small in size, spherical.

Yellowish green epidermis that turns golden when ripe.


The vines have a lot of vigor and a very upright bearing.

They are late blooming and also late maturing.

4- Countries and growing areas

The Ugni Blanc can be found in the following countries of the European Union:

  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • France
  • Spain
  • Grew
  • Malta
  • Portugal
  • Italy

5- Characteristics of the strain

  1. It is a variety of vine sensitive to strong winds , which is why it is recommended to drive it on a trellis.
  2. Very sensitive to frost.
  3. Sensitive to cluster moth .
  4. Sensitive to mildew.
  5. Bastant resistant to powdery mildew.
  6. Sensitive to acid rot .
  7. Very vigorous strain that adapts very well to different driving and pruning systems.
  8. It also adapts very well to different environmental conditions and to different cultural tasks since the area where it is cultivated is very extensive.
  9. Preferably it is better to ride it on a trellis , as this variety is a bit sensitive to the wind.

6- Oenological potential of ugni blanc wine

  • The bunches of the ugni blanc are large while the berries / grapes are small to medium in size.
  • Depending on the production conditions , neutral but balanced dry white wines can be made .
  • The Trebbiano gives alcohol musts high acidity, with clear flavors of fruits, especially banana.
  • Suitable for young wines of high aromaticity and high degree.
  • Suitable for distillation.

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