Temperature changes are a factor that negatively influences the taste and quality of the wine. That is why wine cellars were created with the purpose of keeping wines at a constant and optimal temperature.

And not only the temperature affects the wine, but also the shape of the bottle. Ready to learn about the most famous shapes  a bottle of wine can possess?

The 5 most used wine bottle shapes on the market

Although wine has been around for centuries, bottles as we know them today did not appear until the 17th century . From there, the change began to be made, and wooden barrels and animal guts were no longer used to store wine.

But a bottle of wine is not a simple container, it is much more. In fact, it contributes to the wine continuing its evolution and reaching the ideal moment to be consumed .

These are the most commonly used wine bottle shapes today:

  1. Jerezana : as its name suggests, this is one of the Spanish contributions. It stands out for the bulging in its neck. This form is optimal for packaging Sherry wines and also Manzanillas.
  2. Burgundy : its name responds to a French region, the place where this shape was designed. It is the oldest bottle of all. It is also characterized by its shoulders, which are presented on a slope.
  3. Cava and Champagne : this bottle is specifically designed to house sparkling wines, so it will have a recess in its base to resist the pressure characteristic of these wines. Its glass walls are wider than those of any other bottle.
  4. Rhin : This shape evokes sophistication and class. Originally from the area that bathes the River Rhine, this bottle is tall, narrow and has sloping shoulders.
  5. Bordeaux : it is the most common bottle of all. Thanks to its cylindrical shape, it enables wines to be stored horizontally without affecting their essence.

The bottle of wine, a determining factor in the customer’s purchase decision

In addition to the shape of the bottle, there are other characteristics of the packaging that directly affect a customer’s decision to opt for one wine or another. And it is either the most expensive wine in the world or the cheapest: the configuration of your bottle is not a mere coincidence.

Here are some key elements of wine bottles that affect consumer choice:

  1. Colors that are chosen for the label : bold colors that attract the attention of customers or rougher colors that represent the sophistication of a good wine … The colors of the wine bottle mean a lot!
  2. Design : opting for illustrations, badges, letters or patterns can be an essential factor in choosing a bottle of wine. Thus, the design gives the wine personality.


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