1- Treixadura

The treixadura is a variety of traditional and native vine of Galicia, although we can also find it in Portugal.

It is the second most planted variety in the Rias Baixas after Albariño.

It is a predominant strain in the DO Ribeiro and present in the rest of the Galician denominations.

2- Synonyms

The treixidura is also known as:

  1. costume
  2. Trincadeira
  3. Triplet
  4. Rubio Verdelho
  5. Verdelho Blonde

3- Characteristics of the Treixadura grape


The bunches are large and elongated.

This variety of vine shows high compactness in the bunches.

Grains not very uniform in size and coloration.


The grains are small in size, slightly elliptical in shape.

Hollejo or skin is thick (which gives it resistance to bunch diseases) yellowish green, tending to golden when ripe, with a lot of bloom.

Pulp not pigmented, consistent and not very juicy.


– The strains of this variety are highly vigorous.

– Medium to low fertility.

– The bearing of the strains of this variety is lying tending to creeping.

– It is a variety of high production.

4- Phenology of the treixadura grape

Phenologically, it is a late blooming plant and matures between mid-season to late, so it is convenient to plant it on the slopes with more sunshine.

5- Characteristics of the Treixadura grape variety

It adapts very well to fresh and drained soils, with a granite composition.

Low sensitivity to mildew and powdery mildew, it is quite resistant to both diseases.

On the contrary, it is a variety sensitive to gray rot and sensitive to excoriation.

Aromatic, acidic and pleasant varietals can be made with this variety.

Productions of high qualitative potential.

6- Enology and Tasting of Treixadura wines

The wines of the Treixadura white grape variety are aromatic, fine and elegant.

On the nose they are fruity and floral, with balsamic notes.

In the mouth it has a balanced acidity and they are fresh, unctuous and tasty.

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