The tying of the vine is an operation that is carried out in the trellised vines. It is used to hold the strain to the formation wire. Depending on the type of pruning, it has to be done every year or only at the beginning until the vine is formed.

When is the tying done?

In guyot pruning it has to be done every year. In cordon royat pruning it is carried out once at the beginning of the formation of the strain and then has a maintenance.

The different tying systems available on the market are described below , both manual, mechanical or electrical, as well as the option of being able to buy some of the products.

Tying systems are also described according to when they are made , whether in green during spring and summer or with lignified wood during winter.

The green tie is normally carried out during the first two or three years of the plant’s life , that is, during the pruning of the strain formation.

From the third year on, it already depends on the system used by each winegrower since there are areas in which green tying is still carried out annually.

During the first and second years, the vineyard is managed during the spring and summer to be able to guide it and give it its final shape.

The winter tying is carried out on the branches already lignified. Depending on the driving system, this work must be carried out annually, or not.

Current systems to carry out the tying work.

1- Binding Machine, Tape and staples

1.1- The tying machines

This is one of the simplest tools out there. It works like a stapler, but at the same time it places a tape.

It is ideal for stapling green vine shoots , but it is valid for both green bundling and winter bundling.

It is a widely used machine , not only in plantations vineyard but also in plantations of trees in nurseries , greenhouses … has many applications.

It is quite reliable and practically maintenance-free , simply add the spare parts as they wear out, such as staples and agricultural tape. The blade that cuts the tape may need to be replaced after many uses, but it takes a lot to get to this point. In any case, the spare parts are very easy to replace.

1.2- Tapes for tying and staking the vineyard

Regarding the tapes, there are many types. It is worth highlighting the ribbon made in Spain by the Rubangel company , with a proven track record in terms of tying the vineyard. The tapes they produce are the best on the market.

Ribbon models for tying:
  • Standard ribbons: the basic, the first and the best seller. The flagship of the house.
  • Biodegradable tape: as its name suggests, it deteriorates over time, but it is more respectful with the environment since it is made of ecological material.
  • Oxo-degradable tape: Now that we have the war open to plastic, this tape has the peculiarity of degrading with the sun, so its use generates less waste in our vineyard and on the planet.
  • Marked tapes: It is the standard tape, but marked. The brands of the tape can be used to differentiate workers, varieties….

✅ Tape and Staples for tying machine:

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