According to a report, Spanish families have spent an average of 189.26 euros on the purchase of alcoholic beverages. The most surprising thing is that 82.62 euros of this expense has been used to fill the wine cellars with bottles . That is, to buy wine.

It seems that we prefer to leave beer in the background. Allocating an average of 76.55 euros of the total amount. And the thing is that we Spaniards like wine . Or at least that is how it is reflected by the data extracted through the Habits Big Data indicators, by the AIS Group Consultant.

Investment in wine by autonomous communities

Wine has been the undisputed star on the tables this Christmas in the Balearic Islands . The families of this community have invested an average of 278.79 euros in bottles. Surpassing well above the average of other territories.

But the Catalan wine bars are not far behind. In Catalonia it is also offered with good wine. And it is for this reason that Catalan households have invested an average of 219.84 euros to buy this precious drink.

Followed very closely, yes, by other communities that have also chosen to fill their wine cellars this Christmas. In the same way that the families of Murcia (€ 206.63), Madrid (€ 203.72) and the Basque Country (€ 199) have done.

The communities that have invested the least in wine

But not in all the territories of the country wine takes on the same prominence. And the most surprising thing is that among the list is one of the most famous communities, precisely, for its wine production: La Rioja .

The Riojans have invested an average of 144.32 euros in wine consumption. Followed by the Canary Islands (€ 136.36), and Extremadura (€ 131.01). Perhaps because they still do not know the benefits of having a wine cellar at home, or because Canaries and Extremadura are definitely more about beer.

The fact is that the investment is not low either, so who knows if next year they dare to top the list. Because there is no doubt that wine is part of the national tradition and feeling. Spain is recognized worldwide for the excellent quality of its wines.

And it is mainly for this reason that no Spanish home should be without a wine refrigerator. What are you waiting for?

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