Technological progress makes it possible to improve the conservation of wines. In this way, it has provided us with appliances such as heated warehouses . These allow you to regulate both the temperature and the level of relative humidity. In this way, optimal maintenance of the wine bottles is achieved.

On the opposite side is history. This one tries to unveil the hidden mysteries of the origin of our world. And in the wine world, there are many doubts that need an answer. For example, what is the oldest wine in the world?

Georgia, the cradle of wine?

If until now it was thought that the origin was around the year 5000 BC, the latest research done is giving very revealing results.

Thus, in the south of the Caucasus, and more specifically, in present-day Georgia, a study has been carried out of some remains of Neolithic ceramics . And, indeed, the presence of elements related to wine has been found.

Thanks to the archaeological work and the chemical, climatic and botanical results, it has been possible to conclude that the vessels (which contained wine) were from 8,000 BC

For this reason, the director of research at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), Patrice This, explained that Georgia was, most likely, the birthplace of wine .

The importance of wine in ancient times

As many studies support, wine was a backbone of the social and economic life of the ancient world .

The uses of wine were multiple in the religious sphere :  as an offering for the gods, for uses in celebrations of a religious nature …

And not only that, but wine was used to produce drugs in ancient times . This is because its components, such as the polyphenols and resveratrol, are beneficial to health .

Also, on an economic level, wine allowed the creation of large businesses, which later took advantage of the Silk Road to promote their products .

Yes, history has confirmed that the value of wine is something immutable. Something that will not change despite the passing of the years. However, it is important to keep the wine in optimal conditions. Only then will this value manifest itself from the first sip . So that all the properties of the wine remain intact without the passage of time affecting it.

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