If there is a drink that cannot be missed in any important event or celebration, that is wine. However, this one is as exquisite as it is delicate. And it is that wine is very vulnerable to sunlight, humidity, and, above all, temperature.

With this article, we explain the harmful effects that changes in temperature can  have on wine . We also propose a solution: the wine cellar .

What is the right temperature to preserve the wine?

The flavor, the aroma, the color … Enjoying a glass of wine requires a prior effort: that of having optimally preserved the wine, so that it has been able to preserve all its properties in perfect condition .

Something essential in the conservation of wine is the stability of the temperature . Experts agree that the ideal is for it to be between 10th and 14th degrees . However, the ideal thing is to find out about each type of wine, since the temperature (although not on a large scale), can vary from one modality to another.

The lower the degrees to which we subject the wine bottles, the slower its evolution will be, so the longer its duration will be .

Many wonder what the effects can be if the wine is exposed to variable temperatures: these cause the wine to contract and expand. Thus, the cork is subjected to a pressure that sometimes it is not able to withstand, a fact that could cause the wine to perspire through its pores, and spoil it .

The wine cellar: the solution to wine conservation problems

Today, wine cellars or refrigerators for wines have become essential in any winery, restaurant or private house that lends itself to the love of good wine.

One of their advantages is that they can keep the wine at the temperature that we indicate, constantly . And they will not only prevent the wine from being exposed to temperature variability, but will also protect it from changes in humidity, sunlight and dust .

Another aspect that is giving prominence to wine refrigerators is their development in design lines: now this appliance brings originality and personality not only to wineries and restaurants, but also to homes themselves .

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