1- Hamburg Muscat. Characteristics and cultivation of the variety. 

Hamburg Muscat is also known as Black Muscat.

It is usually used for fresh consumption but it is capable of producing very aromatic musts and wines.

2- Clusters

The bunches are of medium to small size and low compactness, with a short peduncle and little lignification, with berries of very uniform size.

3- Berries

Hamburg muscat berries are large to medium in size with rounded cross section and slightly elongated to elliptical in longitudinal section.

Thick skin and a very intense violet-red color, tending to black, with heterogeneous pigmentation and high sheen.

4- Pulp

The pulp is not pigmented and soft, very juicy.

With muscat and melliferous aromas.

5- Strains

The vines are mid -season overflowing and ripening .

The black muscat variety has a high vigor and high density of leaves.

Porte horizontally or trailing half, so that driving is advised in trellises.

6- Agronomic characteristics and adaptation to the environment

It is a very sensitive variety to bleeding , sensitive to berry cracking and acid rot.

Not very sensitive to botrytis.

The Hamburg Muscat is sensitive to mildew and powdery mildew.

It adapts well to viticultural practices driving in Parral , with short pruning and long.

The palisade or trellis is essential .

It is grateful for the soil of medium fertility to obtain a good coloration.

7- Technological power:

Delicate flavored grape , appreciated in the European market.

Good for transport and conservation.

The clusters are size medium to large.

The berries are usually large in size.

It can be used both for fresh consumption and for the production of still wines, sparkling wines or grape juices.

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