Table Grapes: Italy, Description and characteristics.

1- Origin of the Italy Variety:

Italy was obtained in Italy in 1911.

2- Synonyms:

It is also known in Spain as Doña Sofía, Ideal, Moscatel Italia or Moscatel Italiano.

3- Growing Zones:

Moscatel Italia is a variety spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

4- Uses of table grapes Italy:

Traditionally it is the grape that has been used, together with Aledo, as a table grape for the celebration of the end of the year.

5- Description of the vine variety:

  • The Muscat Italia bunch is large in size and the berry is medium-grade.
  • Yellow green color .
  • Medium thickness leather .
  • Uncolored pulp and very juicy with a particular and characteristic muscat flavor.
  • Very good presence.

6- Phenology:

Muscat Italia is a medium budding and late maturing variety .

7- Agronomic Skills:

  • It is a vigorous variety with an upright habit, which requires a high temperature during flowering.
  • It resists drought and is well adapted to gravel and acid soils.
  • Short pruning in poor soils, although it adapts very well to vine conduction with long pruning.
  • It requires high temperatures for good maturation.

8- Time of ripening of the grape:

The maturation may range from mid-August to mid-September and may be in strain until Christmas if pockets.

Cultivated either in trellis or trellis, medium-high productions of 20,000-30,000 kg / Ha are obtained.

9- Oenological and technological potential:

  • Moscatel Italia produces natural sweet and white wines with powerful, elegant and floral aromas.
  • It can be used in blends to add aromas.
  • In Malaga it is used to make aromatic wines.
  • Highly appreciated as a table grape for its muscat flavor, firm pulp and medium-thick skin.
  • It is resistant to transport and cold storage.
  • Due to its appearance, aroma and flavor of Muscat, it is the most valued table grape variety with seed today.

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