1- Sylvaner

Sylvaner is a variety native to central Europe, Austria.

2- Synonyms

Silvaner is also known as:

Grüner Silvaner (Alemania, Austria), Gruner Sylvaner (Italy), Silvaner (Alemania), Silvanske zelené (Rep. Checa, Slovaquia), Sylvaner verde (Italy), Zeleni silvanec (Slovenia), Zöld szilvani (Hungria).

3- Countries  and areas of cultivation of the silvaner grape

Sylvaner is grown in:

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and France.

4- Characteristics of the grape and the sylvaner strain


Small or very small, highly compact.

Very uniform and pyramidal shaped grains.

Very homogeneous in the size and color of its berries.



Slightly acuminate circular shape, difficult to detach from its pedicel.

Thick skins, of an intense green color that turns yellowish-green when ripe.

Unpigmented pulp, soft and very juicy, with peculiar aromas in over-ripening reminiscent of green flowers and fruits.


It is a not very vigorous variety.

Low but very regular production, with medium fertility.

5- Phenology

Early flare and mid-season maturation time.

6- Characteristics of the grape and the strains

– Sensitive to drought.

– Sensitive to spring frosts.

– Very sensitive to botrytis, mildew and powdery mildew.

– Sensitive to cluster moths.

– It is a very regular variety in its production.

– It is sensitive to spring and winter frosts and its wood sometimes has a bad aging.

– Soils with high limestone are not too suitable for it.

7- Oenological potential of its wines

– Acid musts, little sugary, with very aromatic greenish-yellow tones.

– Capable of varietal wines and suitable for blends. Very aromatic whites.

– The bunches are small and the berries are small to medium.

– It produces quite acidic and relatively neutral wines at the aromatic level.

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