Zinc (Zn) in the fertilization of the vineyard:

In its natural state, it is found between 10 and 80 mg of zinc in soils.

It is sandy soils that contain the least amount of zinc.

Its availability depends on the amount of organic matter in the soil.

Zinc has a tendency to be absorbed by aluminum, iron and manganese oxides.

The more the soil pH increases, the less the amount of available zinc decreases .

Effect of Zinc on vine plants:

Vineyard zinc fertilizer: Zinc is a constituent of various essential enzymes in the growth and fruiting of vine plants .

It has an important role in protein metabolism, in the synthesis of growth hormones and in the formation of chlorophyll.

Lack of Zn in vineyard:

Its deficiency causes symptoms similar to manganese deficiency, but in Zinc they begin with the youngest leaves, which are very serrated and have small fringes on the edges.

The internervial areas turn white.

Its deficiency is not frequent and it only occurs in acidic sandy areas or in very calcareous soils.

What causes a vineyard zinc deficiency? Vineyard zinc subscriber:

Zinc deficiency induces runs and clusters smaller than usual, in the vine plant it induces lengthening of the internodes and leads to the formation of smaller strains.

The detection of zinc deficiency by soil analysis does not clarify, but if it manifests with contents lower than 20 ppm in the leaves or when there are imbalances in the phosphorus-zinc ratio with high values ​​greater than 300.

Zn excess in the fertilization of the vine:

There are no known symptoms for excess of this element.

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