Vine Fertilizers: CALCIUM (Ca)

Vine fertilizer Calcium: Properties and effects of calcium on vine plants:

Calcium participates in the synthesis of proteins, development of roots, constitution of cell membranes… .it is considered a quality element.
It is the dominant element of the intracellular buffering power, regulating the pH of the cellular juice.

Calcium Deficiency or Lack:

Symptoms of calcium deficiencies are manifested in the youngest leaves with internervial chlorosis that can end in necrosis first at the edges and then between the nerves.
In grapes, a lack of calcium can cause physiological diseases.
Generally, a deficiency reduces protein intake, and growth and increases the risks of disease.

Calcium excess. Calcium in the soil:

An excessively calcareous soil translates into greater destruction of organic matter, blocking of trace elements such as iron, Zinc, Copper or Manganese or in an immobilization of Phosphorus and Magnesium.
The symptoms are those associated with these deficiencies.

Recommendations for the subscriber of the Calcic vine:

The calcium needs of the vine are generally satisfied, however, care must be taken to maintain a sufficient level of calcium in the soil for a good structure and a good mechanism of absorbing power.
The foliar contribution constitutes one of the best ways to provide the necessary calcium to the plant, spraying calcium nitrate or calcium chloride on the leaves.
But you have to be careful with spraying that can compromise quality.

Calcium vine fertilizer: A good choice of a rootstock resistant to the content of active limestone in our soil will avoid major problems.

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