1- Sublima Seedless

2- Origin:

Cruze de Almería x Cardinal x Carina, Obtained by A. GARGIULO in San Rafael, Mendoza (Argentina).

3- Countries where this variety is found:

Argentina, Spain, Italy, etc.

4- Cluster:

  • Medium size, pyramidal conical shape.
  • Medium compactness.
  • Good showiness.
  • Fertility .0.8. High.
  • Production .High.
  • Vigor .High.

5- Mrs.

  • Seedless.
  • Large, ovoid size.
  • Thin skin.
  • Green-yellowish color.
  • Forma.Ovoidal.
  •  Flavor .Aromatic.
  • Pulp .Semicrunchy, moderately fleshy, and slightly aromatic taste.

6- Agronomic Behavior:

Station . Too early.

  • Budding date: From the first week of March (Málaga) to the third week of March (Almería).
  • Ripening date : From the last week of July (Seville) to the first week of August (Almería).
  • Grape production: high.
  • Vigor: medium.

Behavior (GARCIA DE LUJAN, A., LARA BENITEZ, M., 1998) :

  • Ripening date. Last ten of July.
  • Leaf fall date . 1st decade of November.
  • Sugar content º Bé . 8.5.
  • Total acidity (gr/l en tartaric) . 4.2.

7- Cultivation techniques:

It adapts well to riding on vine and trellis.

You have to treat against excoriation, because you are sensitive to this disease.

8- Technological Skills:

Very good for fresh consumption due to its organoleptic characteristics, its earliness and its high resistance to berry shelling.

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