Sprouting and Maturation Dates of the main autochthonous varieties of the Spanish Vineyard.

In recent decades, many foreign vine varieties have been introduced and native Spanish varieties have been neglected Most of the Spanish varieties are better adapted to our climate and growing conditions.
When establishing the vineyard, the sprouting season is very important, as it conditions resistance to spring frosts. The ripening date also has an influence on the quality of the grapes, since if it is not well adapted it may not be able to express the optimum sugar, acidity, aromas or color.
It is very important when carrying out a vine plantation to know in advance the behavior of the different varieties in our location, as they will condition subsequent operations in the vineyard.

Table of sprouting dates of the main vine varieties of Spanish viticulture.

AirenLate: April 13-18
AlbariñoEarly: March 23-28
Albillo MayorMid-Late: April 8-12
BobalMedium: 3-7 April
BrancellaoMid-Late: April 8-12
Cayetana BlancaMid-Late: April 8-12
Forcallada TintaLate: April 13-18
Garnacha BlancaMedium: 3-7 April
Garnacha TintaMedium: 3-7 April
Garnacha TintoreraEarly: March 23-28
GracianoLate: April 13-18
MacabeoLate: April 13-18
MalvasiaMid-Early: March 29-April 2
CommandMid-Late: April 8-12
MazuelaMedium: 3-7 April
MenciaMedium: 3-7 April
PeachMid-Early: March 29-April 2
MonastrellLate: April 13-18
Small Grain MuscatEarly: March 23-28
Palomino FinoMedium: 3-7 April
ParelladaMedium: 3-7 April
Pedro XimenezMedium: 3-7 April
New PlantMedium: 3-7 April
Tight WeevilMedium: 3-7 April
SousonMid-Late: April 8-12
TempranilloLate: April 13-18
TreixiduraMedium: 3-7 April
VerdejoMedium: 3-7 April
VerdilMedium: 3-7 April
XarelloMid-Early: March 29-April 2

Maturation dates of the main Spanish grape varieties:

AirenLate Ripening: 26 Sept. – 5 Oct.
AlbariñoEarly Ripening: August 15-25
Albillo MayorEarly Ripening: August 15-25
BobalMedium Ripening: September 6-15
BrancellaoMid-Early: 26-Aug-5 Sept.
Cayetana BlancaLate Ripening: 26 Sept. – 5 Oct.
Forcallada TintaLate Ripening: 26 Sept. – 5 Oct.
Garnacha BlancaMid-Early: 26-Aug-5 Sept.
Garnacha TintaMid-Early: 26-Aug-5 Sept.
Garnacha TintoreraMid-Early: 26-Aug-5 Sept.
GracianoMedium Ripening: September 6-15
MacabeoEarly Ripening: August 15-25
MalvasiaEarly Ripening: August 15-25
MandonMid-Early: 26-Aug-5 Sept.
MazuelaMid-Late: September 16-25
MenciaEarly Ripening: August 15-25
PeachMedium Ripening: September 6-15
MonastrellMedium Ripening: September 6-15
Small Grain MuscatEarly Ripening: August 15-25
Palomino FinoMedium Ripening: September 6-15
ParelladaMid-Late: September 16-25
Pedro XimenezMedium Ripening: September 6-15
New PlantLate Ripening: 26 Sept. – 5 Oct.
Tight WeevilEarly Ripening: August 15-25
SousonMid-Early: 26-Aug-5 Sept.
TempranilloEarly Ripening: August 15-25
TreixiduraMid-Early: 26-Aug-5 Sept.
VerdejoMid-Early: 26-Aug-5 Sept.
VerdilEarly Ripening: August 15-25
XarelloMid-Early: 26-Aug-5 Sept.

Observations on the sprouting and maturation of the vineyard. 

The study is carried out on the same farm, under local weather conditions, pruning season and rootstocks that will determine the dates. However, these tables can serve as a reference to be able to compare and draw conclusions in our plantation area.

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