1- Galician red grapes. Souson.

The Sousón is a variety of vine of Galician origin, traditional with high color and low grade, very aromatic.

2- Synonyms:

It is also known by the following names:

  1. Negron,
  2. Retinto,
  3. Tintilla,
  4. Sousén.  

3- Characteristics of the Variety


Small in size, conical in shape with shoulders, very compact and homogeneous. With a very short peduncle and without lignified or little lignified.  


-Small in size, ovoid in shape, with jet black epidermis and an acuminate profile, difficult to detach from its pedicel.
With fine skin, with a lot of bloom.
-Unpigmented pulp, soft and very juicy, with a herbaceous flavor.
-Long green pedicel, with a large reddish bun.  


-Vigorous and erect, with mid-season growth and maturation.
-Its ripening cycle is long, so its location must be in areas conducive to early ripening.
-Of medium fertility and low production.  

4- Agronomically and adaptation to the viticultural environment:

-Variety not very resistant to drought.

-Requires long pruning for being of medium fertility and low productivity.

-Not sensitive to cluster moth.

-Little affected by mildew and wood diseases.

5- Winemaking power:

-It produces musts with a low sugar concentration, except in overmaturation.

-Most of high acidity and aromas of green fruits and blackberry. From the aromatic point of view, the presence of black fruits such as blackberry and cassis and florals, of moderate intensity, stand out.

-Variety suitable for very aromatic young wines with a very intense red color, with garnet tones.

-Great polyphenolic potential.

-Its wines evolve very well over time and present an excellent aptitude for aging in wood; the coupage with different percentages of other autochthonous varieties give it aromatic complexity.

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