Adding a small wine cabinet that can be integrated into the kitchen furniture is the best option to respect the design of our home. Wine refrigerators have different means, which allow this small appliance to be incorporated together with the rest of the furniture.

The small wine cellar will provide the different style that your kitchen needs . It is synonymous with luxury, good taste and pleasure. And it is that, its modern and careful design will completely renew the finish of the space.

Small wine cellar with exclusive and high-end designs

The built-in wine cabinets have careful , exclusive and high-end designs , capable of captivating our guests . Without realizing it, it will end up becoming the jewel of our kitchen.

And, let’s not forget that the interior of the built-in wine cellar will be made up of real treasures: the wine bottles.

Today this “luxury” is available to everyone. Thanks to manufacturers like Vitempus, their prices have become the main claim for all types of homes. And of course, for lovers of good wine, like us.

In a built-in wine cellar, you will never miss a glass of a large reserve for those special occasions with family and friends . Which indirectly implies that we enjoy the kitchen space like never before.

Built-in undercounter wine cooler: how to install it in 2 steps

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to buy a  small  wine cellar and be able to enjoy wine at any time. So take note. These are the steps you must follow to install an undercounter built-in wine cabinet :

  1. Make sure that the measurements of the built-in wine cabinet are adequate : this small refrigerator will usually be integrated under the kitchen bench or the worktop. Any small wine cellar with a compressor is built-in. Now, the standard measurements of the furniture would be approximately 85 cm high x about 60 cm high and deep .
  2. Do not cover the top and inside grill: like all refrigeration systems, the built-in or built-in wine cellar has a compressor and a grill on the bottom that cannot be covered. It is the escape route for air.

The small wine fridge is ideal in our kitchen. It brings a distinctive touch with a lot of personality. In addition to offering us the possibility of being able to liven up the atmosphere in the kitchen every time we have a visit .

Or why not, when we feel like giving ourselves a little whim. Discover our catalog !

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